10 GigE and 25 GigE Interface High-Resolution, High-Speed Cameras

If you are looking for high-resolution cameras with high frame rates, then the Emergent Vision Technologies 10GigE and 25GigE Interface camera series will meet the requirements.

ALRAD support the full range of Emergent Vision Technologies Ultra High-Speed Area and Line scan cameras, accessories and Software.

The 10GigE area-scan cameras from the HR-Series and HT-Series offer resolutions from 2 to 50 Megapixels and frame rates from 338 fps at full resolution. These cameras feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony (Sony Pregius) and AMS.

The 25GigE area-scan cameras of the BOLT-Series offer resolutions from 0.5 to 65 Megapixels and frame rates to 1594 fps at full resolution. These cameras feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony, AMS and Gpixel.

The 10GigE line-scan PACE LR-8K has a horizontal image resolution of 8192 pixels and a single line rate of 137 kHz and trilinear line rate of 45 kHz. This enables high-speed low-noise image capture at 8K vision and ensures that inspection, sorting and production control application requirements are met.

Further details can be found through the imaging product section of our website

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