Adaptable sensors help reduce machine downtime

Balluff can now offer manufacturers a quick, easy and cost effective way to replace damaged or broken pneumatic cylinder sensors by holding a selection of its BMF Magnetic Sensors and universal brackets

There is no room in manufacturing for unplanned downtime, idle machinery is costly. When loss of production is caused by a damaged sensor the machine must be stopped, the sensor identified, replaced, adjusted and secured in final position before the machine can be switched on and production begins again. All this takes time and costs money, even more time if the sensor is not immediately available close at hand or held in stock.

If breakdowns are caused by damage to a pneumatic cylinder sensor, Balluff has a speedy solution to the problem in the form of Balluff BMF Magnetic Sensors and universal bracket fixing system, enabling Balluff sensors to be used on virtually any cylinder from any manufacturer. Instead of stocking many different cylinders switches from different sources just hold Balluff BMF Magnetic Field Sensors and low cost brackets. To make things even easier these sensors and brackets are now available in a purpose made, easy to carry, service case.

Mike Walker a senior project engineer at Greif Ellesmere Port is one such user of the BMF Service Case. As a worldwide producer of packaging materials, where the Ellesmere Port plant produces steel and plastic drums loss of production must be limited to an absolute minimum, any manufacturing interruption of a line costing easily up to £10,000 per hour.

Walker has worked at Greif for nine years and is an experienced engineer, as such he is fully aware of the problems of breakdowns and wanted to make sure he did not “get caught out”. When sales engineer, Norman Hurley originally showed him the BMF Service case he stated that he “liked the idea of it” as it held “lots of different solutions for all types of pneumatic cylinder sensors.”

Though not used for a time, the service case eventually came into its own, during an evening shift when a machine went down with a maintenance issue, the case with its differing options was quickly located, the sensor replaced and the machine commissioned. Walker adds, “the service case pays for itself on first use.”

Made from sturdy industrial aluminium it contains a selection of Balluff magnetic field sensors, fastening brackets, an extensive range of accessories and a detailed user-friendly logical table of contents and literature. Because of the large selection of mounting elements you can adapt these sensors to virtually every pneumatic cylinder and reduce your costs by using a small number of sensor types to maintain a wide variety of pneumatic cylinders.

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