Automated weedscreen clearance improves efficiency and safety

VIDEO: Maintaining the land drainage scheme in Lincolnshire is an important task for the Environment Agency (EA) and the pumping stations used to control water levels are protected by weedscreens to prevent damage to the pumps. The equipment at the Dirtness station had been in service for over 60 years and was beginning to pose increased maintenance costs as well as potential health and safety concerns for the operators. The solution required the installation of a new, reliable system that would reduce the overall operating costs and improve safety.

The EA brought in ECS Engineering Services, with whom it has an ongoing working relationship, to deliver an improved, more reliable solution which would reduce maintenance costs and provide an automated weedscreen solution. ECS suggested the installation of a Landustrie automatic screen cleaner which could provide for all the immediate requirements of the EA and would be covered by an initial warranty and continued maintenance support.

Click the image below to view a video on the project. Also, look out for the May issue of Automation magazine to read the full story.

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