Automation at your fingertips: low-priced delta robot from igus available to build or buy

igus has launched new, fast, low-cost delta robots for less than £5,000!

Cost-effective, and quick and easy to implement, the new Delta robot from igus is available directly from stock as a kit or delivered pre-assembled ready to install. Its maintenance-free belt drive units, lubrication-free link rods, encoders and stepper motors combine to create a lightweight, low-cost automation solution for automated tasks such as pick and place. The typical ROI period for the Delta robot is estimated at just six months, this compares favourably to the industry’s rule-of-thumb target of two years.

The Delta robot is based on three maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axes, lubrication-free igubal link rods and matching adapter plates. NEMA stepper motors and encoders ensure fast handling of up to 1 kg with a precision of ±0.5 mm. The complete system has an installation space of up to 420 mm in diameter and can carry up to 5 kg at lower speeds. The lightweight design, consisting of aluminium and plastic, makes the Delta robot extremely cost-effective at a price from as little as £5,000 and ensures high speeds with a pick rate of at least 60 per minute.

“The open design of the Delta robot enables manufacturers to use their own controller,” says Matthew Aldridge, managing director of igus. “We estimate that with the usual integration costs, each Delta robot installation will be around £10,000 to £15,000, which means that it will pay for itself after a few months.”

There are many other benefits inherent with Delta robot deployment; the higher the production rate the lower the cost per unit will be. If a company can make twice as many widgets as its competitor in the same amount of time, the advantage is obvious. There are also opportunities to reduce scrap and rework, increase quality and consistency, and improve overall safety.

Depending on requirements, the Delta robot can be delivered as a kit in a box within 24 hours of receipt of order. Comprehensive assembly instructions are included and an assembly video is available online at: Alternatively, the delta robot can be delivered pre-assembled on a transport frame ready for installation. The machine builder is free to use their preferred software and controller or, as an alternative, they can opt for the intuitive and easy-to-use dryve D1 controller from igus.

The Delta robot is particularly suitable for simple assembly tasks, pick and place tasks, as well as applications in test & measuring. For more information about Delta robots from igus, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.

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