Automation enhances pulp and paper mill processing

As the focus of the paper industry today is shifting towards more eco-friendly products and technology, several Indian paper mills and larger fibre lines have chosen Metso’s automation solutions for their processes.

Both large paper groups and smaller mills have understood the benefits of the scalable Metso DNA automation platform. In addition to the control system, Metso's total concept for the pulp and paper industry consists of advanced process controls, information management, condition and runnability monitoring, analysers and valves.

“We have significantly strengthened our offering in India and created good contacts with the clientele. Our offering now well meets customers' demands and their need to improve process efficiency. Eco-friendliness is also an important topic,” said Pravin Tripathi, national sales manager, Automation, Metso.

Khanna Paper Mills, one of the largest recycled-based paper mills in India, has relied on Metso's technology for a long time. The company produces 3.3 million tonnes of paper per year and is among the top ten paper producers in India. With a distribution network of more than 100 dealers, the company serves the domestic market along with exporting products to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, Africa and the Middle East.

Recently, Khanna invested in Metso's CORMEC Brightness and ERIC inline sensors at its 320tpd DIP plant. The reported tangible results and savings include reduced Na2S204 consumption of up to 15%, reduced H2O2 consumption of up to ten percent, and reduced brightness variability of more than 20%.

“Controlling DIP with the lab results was really a herculean task, and we are happy we made the right decision. We are now implementing the same strategy on our next DIP line in partnership with Metso,” said S.K. Tiwari, deputy general manager of DIP.

Another Indian company that has repeatedly chosen Metso's technology for its processes is Naini Group of Industries in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. In 2011, Metso supplied a Metso IQ Quality Control System with a Metso Slice Profiler to the mill. Based on good experience with the equipment and support given by Metso, the mill has now placed an order for Metso IQ Quality Control Systems and Metso Steam Profilers for its PM 1 and PM 2. With the investment, the mill is especially targeting uniform product quality and minimised machine down-time.

Naini Group produces about 250tpd of environmentally friendly, quality writing and printing grades with a high level of physical and optical properties from agricultural residues, such as bagasse and wheat straw, along with imported wood pulp. The group is producing both non-surface sized as well as surface sized papers.

“Our approach of providing a solution rather than a product gives us a clear edge over the competition,” said Rakesh Uniyal, regional sales manager, Automation, Metso.

To start pulp or paper production cost effectively, relocating a production line can be a good alternative. Relocation projects in which existing automation systems are replaced with the latest technology solutions demand profound expertise.

One of the customers to carry out such a relocation project with Metso is BILT Graphic Paper Products, a subsidiary of Ballarpur Industries (BILT). After Metsä Fibre’s Kaskinen pulp mill in Finland was closed, the production line was restarted at Ballarshah, India, as a part of a mill modernisation plan.

Extensive pre-surveys by Metso's professionals preceded the installation of a Metso DNA automation system to control the entire pulp mill. Brightness, residual and cooking liquor measurements were included in the delivery. To unleash hidden potential, Metso also carried out a performance audit. In the next stage, the mill will have a Cooking Optimizer and a Kappa analyser installed.

“We have a long association with Metso. They have recently upgraded our cooking and fiber line at our SFI plant in Malaysia and are now working with us on our pulp mill modernization project in Ballarshah,” said R.R. Vederah, managing director and executive vice chairman, BILT.

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