B&R Product of the Month – ACOPOSmulti65m

B&R has expanded its line of drives with a series of motor-integrated servo drives with IP65 protection. The ACOPOSmulti has always been extremely modular, and it was the next logical step to merge inverters with the motor to create servo actuators that can deliver power directly where it is needed. Configurable modules thus become easy-to-connect mechatronic units. This not only saves valuable space in the control cabinet, but also cuts costs for logistics and commissioning. By combining the latest IGBT technology and optimized motor types, users profit from the resulting maximum performance. With three different sizes, the servo actuators cover the entire spectrum, with a torque range of 1.8 to 10.5Nm and a power range of 500W to 2kW. For applications that demand more power, an optional fan assembly can be retrofitted for a performance boost of up to 100 per cent. The ACOPOSmulti65m is fully compatible with the entire ACOPOS drive series. As a result, it is possible to utilise all of the tools and features available in Automation Studio as well as applications created therein. With regard to topology, the new servo actuator can be employed in either a line or tree structure. Networking takes place using POWERLINK.

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