B&R Product of the Month - B&R keypad module with E-stop

B&R’s illuminated ring keypad modules with IP65 protection are designed for installation directly on the machine. First introduced in early 2012, the latest addition to this series is a model that includes an integrated E-stop button. With both the button and the electronics integrated in a low profile housing and standard M8/M12 connectors, installation and wiring is easy.

These keypads can be mounted anywhere on the machine at intervals of up to 100m. Installed using only two screws, they require no additional accessories and can easily be connected to any common bus system. The signals for the E-stop button can be connected directly to a safety circuit or incorporated via SafeIO modules into an integrated safety network such as openSAFETY.

B&R E-stop keypad modules meet the most stringent requirements for ergonomics and are extremely easy to clean. With no surface edges, indentations or grooves, these modules are well suited for use in hygienic applications as well. In addition to providing tactile feedback, the illuminated ring keys ensure an even distribution of light for clear signalling and can also be labelled individually.

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B&R Product of the Month - B&R keypad module with E-stop

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B&R Product of the Month