Basler introduce ace, pulse and dart PowerPacks for microscopy and evaluation

Thanks to Basler’s new PowerPack concept, you can now tailor your camera system without compromises. The three new PowerPacks consist of the ace and pulse for Microscopy applications and the dart Board Level camera for evaluation purposes.

Baslers PowerPack for microscopy

Basler PowerPack allows you to choose the camera model that fits your microscopy application. With models available ranging from 1.2MP to 5MP resolutions you can now make full use of Basler’s high-quality cameras with all the necessary components at your fingertips for a comfortable system set-up and easy installation. Count on precise and reliable imaging, as well as professional software for image acquisition and analysis.

Benefits include:

· The ability to pick and choose your complete plug-and-play microscopy package

· High performance cameras with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors

· Take advantage of professional microscopy software for image acquisition and analysis

· Make full use of Basler’s unique microscopy optimised image enhancement and colour adjustment technology

The Basler pulse Microscopy series resolutions currently range from 1.2MP to 5.0MP

The Basler ace Microscopy series resolutions currently range from 1.3MP to 2.3MP with a 5.0MP option in the planning stages.

Find out more about the pulse and ace PowerPacks.

Baslers PowerPack for Evaluation

Are you in the early stages of implementing vision into your application? Then you know that there are many different cameras to choose from and that you can end up spending significant money and time on evaluation and integration of board level cameras with standard or low-level interfaces.

Thanks to the new Basler dart PowerPack for Evaluation – a plug and play evaluation kit for the Basler dart camera series – you can easily get up to speed with a Basler dart board level camera, featuring Basler’s pylon camera software suite.  The evaluation kit facilitates vision integration for a variety of embedded vision systems ranging from industrial to non-industrial applications.

The dart PowerPack comes with an extremely compact Basler dart USB camera, a matching lens and a USB 3.0 cable. The Basler pylon camera software suite, with its easy-to-use SDK, facilitates seamless integration and can be downloaded for free.

Benefits include: 

· Plug and play camera system evaluation

· No additional accessories required

· Industry-proven pylon camera software suite included for free

· Extremely compact, USB3 Vision compliant camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels

· PGI  – Basler’s unique feature set for powerful in-camera image optimisation

Find out more about the dart PowerPack.

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