BP Selects Asset Guardian Solutions Software for Clair Ridge Project

Asset Guardian Solutions (AGSL), which specialises in protecting companies’ process critical software assets, announced that BP has selected its proprietary software management platform Asset Guardian for the company’s Clair Ridge project.

BP will use the Asset Guardian toolset to improve the performance and security of the process control software that it will use throughout the Clair Ridge project, and to operate assets associated with the Clair Ridge field development when it is fully operational. Located west of the Shetland Islands in Scotland, the project will feature two bridge-linked platforms and new pipeline infrastructure to connect to processing facilities on Shetland. The development is the first sanctioned large-scale offshore enhanced oil recovery (EOR) scheme to use reduced salinity water injection (LoSal EOR) to extract a higher proportion of oil over the life of the field.

AGSL provides the Asset Guardian toolset to BP as part of a global frame agreement. As a result, BP currently uses the Asset Guardian toolset to protect and manage the process control software it uses to operate facilities in Angola, Azerbaijan, Oman, Oklahoma and Alaska. BP’s decision to use Asset Guardian for the Clair Ridge project confirms AGSL’s reputation as a global partner with BP in providing the necessary tools for software configuration management. 

Assuring system integrity

As the Clair Ridge project progresses - from construction of platform topsides in Korea and platform jackets in Norway through to final commissioning in the field - each phase of development requires a slightly different type of system configuration to manage and protect the project’s software files and data.  Asset Guardian is capable of supporting multiple system topologies, ensuring that the integrity of software files and data is maintained throughout the project. The integrity of the system supplied is further enhanced through the use of AG Sync, a solution specifically designed for the oil and gas industry that allows data and files to be seamlessly synchronised between multiple locations.   

The location of the project, along with the logistical issues associated with providing training to a large number of BP personnel, has been resolved by using the latest version of AGSL’s online Computer Based Training (CBT).

“We are delighted that BP has turned to us once again for this critical tool," said Peter Beales, business development manager for AGSL. “It confirms the trust that they have in us and their continued satisfaction with the services we provide. When a customer calls upon us again and again, that is surely recognition of the energy and professionalism we devote to each and every BP facility."

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