Cargo stream, Europe’s first container booking app, launches to market

Cargo Stream has today launched Europe’s first container booking app in the UK and Europe. Cargo stream app enables cargo forwarders and carriers to book shipping containers via a smart device or computer for land transportation. 

The app has been in development by Cargo stream since May 2019. The app’s launch is part of Cargo stream’s goal to provide an advanced, tech-driven management system for the entire logistics chain of land transportation in real time. 

Based in Vilnus,Lithuania, Cargo stream boasts an international team of leading cargotech professionals from the United Kingdom, Lithuania, France, Poland and Holland. It is also planning to expand its presence in the UK over the coming months. 

The Cargo stream app allows users to make container bookings and offers and launch container enquiries. The app facilitates a full exchange between cargo senders, forwarders and carriers, providing a single portal so that its users can manage the entire container communication with shipping lines in real-time. Additionally, users can use the container location tool that helps find empty containers near their location. 

These features will help optimize transportation logistics and minimise disputes between carriers. 

Deividas Umbrasas, VP of Customer Success at Cargo stream, said: “The cargo industry is infamous for its slow adoption of technology, which is ultimately leading to unnecessary costs and time delays.

“Cargo stream aims to change this by cleverly utilising existing technology to develop a solution that improves efficiency and streamlines existing processes. By giving cargo senders, forwarders and carriers the ability to monitor and access existing shipping lines, this app serves as an independent, reliable and objective solution that connects different parties in the whole logistic chain.”

Anthony Poullain, member of the Cargo stream board, said: “Based on our research, it is clear to us that demand for a technological solution to overcome the logistical challenges of shipping is rising. More and more companies are moving their operations online and accessing important data via computer or smartphone screens. We see this trend as an extraordinary opportunity for the logistics sector. 

“Our decision to launch an app was inspired by the number of functionalities requests we received from our partnering shipping lines. Cargo stream is creating value for our customers by launching the first app of its kind in the UK and Europe.”

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