CLPA helps businesses to succeed across Asia

Open network trade body the CC-Link Partner Association, has written a blog post about the rise of automation in Asian countries. The blog post discusses research found in surveys provided by IHS and ARC. 

The common perception is that manufacturing growth in Asia is all about the traditional markets of China, Taiwan and Japan, but there is in fact more to the market than it first seems. For example, Singapore's manufacturing output rose by 12.8 per cent last year, according to the Economic Development Board report published this February. 

The country's biomedical manufacturing gained 19.3 per cent, boosted by pharmaceuticals, which grew by 20.2 per cent. Electronics production rose by 14.8 per cent, while the output of the transport engineering cluster increased by 11.1 per cent on-year.

This shows that Asian manufacturing is a vibrant and growing industry across the continent, which can be expected to continue to boom as more and more people in Asian countries develop a higher standard of living and create higher demand for consumer goods. 

Despite the huge possibilities of the Asian market, many businesses find the cultural barrier to be simply too large to overcome and avoid trade with Asian countries. 

Because of this reason, at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair the CLPA's Gateway to Asia (G2A) programme was launched. As a follow on to the Gateway to China (G2C) initiative, which ran for two years and attracted the involvement of 22  European companies by the end, the new scheme will help European companies reach further into Asian markets. 

There are 26 partners involved with the G2A programme, the continuing increase being a sign that demand for this type of programme is growing.   

The CLPA has a network of offices spanning across the whole of Asia, from Turkey to Japan, providing local cultural insight that helps to understand the correct way of doing business in each region.

The CLPA also have partners whose role is to help other companies succeed in specific regions. For instance, Berners Consulting provides sophisticated help for businesses that want to reach into China. Since the end of last year there have been two seminars, one in Hatfield, UK and another in Stuttgart, Germany, at which Lutz Berners, the consulting company's president has delivered presentations that uncovered valuable insights into how to succeed in this critical export market.     

Ultimately, what G2A is aiming to achieve is an improved geographical reach for target markets across Asia.

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