Control devices for harsh environments

.steute has developed a new ‘Extreme’ range of wired and wireless control devices.

For over 50 years .steute has been designing and developing control devices and sensors that offer an important interface between man and machine and nowhere are they more important than for arduous and hazardous applications. Here, the company’s ‘Extreme’ range is specifically designed and developed for use in harsh environments.

For environments subjected to increased levels of moisture or dampness, .steute’s range of position switches, foot switches, pull-wire switches and safety sensors offers IP66, IP68 and IP69K protection.

Where control devices are required to work at high and/or low temperatures, .steute offers a range of magnetic, position, foot, belt-alignment and pull-wire switches manufactured to exacting standards, which makes them suitable for operating temperatures between -40°C and +180°C.

For components exposed to highly-corrosive environments such as offshore platforms and ships, .steute’s range of safety sensors and magnetic and position switches are extremely durable and offer long life in all weathers and waves.

A range of .steute shock- and vibration-resistant control devices is also available including explosion-proof safety sensors and micro switches, which are re-engineered to include Hall-effect sensors, making them more robust and therefore resistant to vibration.

For potentially explosive atmospheres, .steute has a range of Ex-certified control devices including safety switches, position switches, solenoid interlocks, command devices, emergency pull-wire switches, foot switches and magnetic sensors. These can be used in Zone 1/2 and 21/22 environments and are certified in accordance with European and international norms including ATEX, GOST, IECEx, INMETRO and NEPSI.

For engineers working in any sector of industry, and especially in potentially explosive and hazardous environments such as refineries and rigs, wireless control devices should be the default option.

A full range of ATEX and IECEx approved wireless control devices is also available that can safely transmit signals back to a receiver from a minimum distance of 30m (internally) up to a maximum of 300m (externally). Thanks to a battery-less design that generates its own power on demand, many devices are also suitable for applications where no power supply is available.

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For the automation industry steute provides a wide range of very durable switching devices using tried-and-tested electromechanical technology, as well as various no-contact detection techniques. Standard product series are complemented by customised switchgear developed especially for defined fields of application or unusual situations.

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