Control relays are now TÜV certified

Eaton has announced that its easySafety control relay for use in the safe monitoring of furnaces now has TÜV approval

Machines and plants contain potentially dangerous motion sequences that require a technical solution to make them safe. Safety devices such as emergency-stop pushbuttons, guard doors, light curtains and operating elements for safe setting must be controlled and monitored, and the installation may have to be switched to a safe state. Safety-related monitoring is also required in furnaces. EN 50156 stipulates that the fuel supply must be shut off safely as soon as the safety criteria in the boiler plant responds. The easySafety control relay has now also been tested and approved by TÜV Rheinland for use in the safe monitoring of furnaces in accordance with EN 50156: easySafety thus enables users to implement a safety shut off of the fuel supply to furnaces up to safety integrity level SIL 3.

easySafety provides solutions for safety-related tasks, whilst offering the simplicity and flexibility of the well-known easy family. However, easySafety not only monitors all typical safety equipment, but also takes on the control tasks for machines and plants. The safety control relay meets the highest requirements: It complies with category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1, Performance Level PLe in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1, Safety Integrity Level SIL CL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 62061 as well as SIL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 61508.

Each device of the easySafety series comes with 14 safety inputs and up to five safety outputs that can be used for safety monitoring and control tasks. easySafety devices come as standard with a host of conventional safety relays in the form of safety function blocks such as: emergency-stop, guard door monitoring, optionally with the monitoring of guard locking, light curtain with and without muting, two-hand control button, safety switch mat, enable switch, safety foot switch, operating mode selector switch, zero speed and overspeed monitoring, external device monitoring, safety timing relays and safety markers.

The integrated display and keypad on the device enables diagnostic messages to be displayed directly and ergonomically. If messages are not to remain hidden behind the doors of switch cabinets, the information output can also be mounted on the switch cabinet door. For this users can simply implement the MFD remote display unit in combination with a CP4 module. In this case the cost-efficient use of an easySafety device without a display and keypad is recommended.

The safety function blocks of easySafety can either be configured from a PC or directly on the device. The easysoft-Safety PC software offers a user-friendly configuration environment in which the safety configuration can be created and simulated in the established easy circuit diagram language and transferred to the device. If users do not wish to utilise software or transfer cables, devices of the easySafety series with integrated display and keypad are also available. These devices allow modifications or complete configurations to be carried out directly on the device. The configuration created can be transferred by memory card to the easySafety device.

easySafety offers more than a stand-alone safety control relay. In addition to the safety circuit diagram contained in the safety configuration, the safety control relay also processes a standard circuit diagram. This can be used for standard tasks such as the processing of diagnostic messages or general control tasks for a machine. The safety and standard circuit diagrams are strictly separated. Both circuit diagrams can be protected separately with up to three different password levels. This allows access by different groups of people so that they can view and/or edit the released circuit diagrams. If any access to the safety configuration is to be prevented, the person responsible simply locks the safety program and destroys the virtual key. This prevents the possibility of any later modifications being made. Any change to the safety configuration causes a change in the safety checksum. It is part of the technical documentation and is subject to the declaration of conformity.


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