Denchi creates bespoke power design for Lemac's motor systems used in stairlifts

Always looking to provide the market with highly-optimised energy storage solutions, Denchi has secured a large-scale contract with DC motor system manufacturer, Scotland-based Lemac, which produces the motor systems incorporated into a leading brand of stairlifts.

DC systems (rather than AC ones), are used in these stairlifts because they are inherently safer. Also power delivery is better regulated, resulting in a smoother ride for the user. In addition, operation can still continue even if a power outage occurs on the mains supply. To complement the lightweight and streamlined motor systems Lemac provides for these stairlifts, compact high-density batteries are mandated. The company had previously used an offshore source for its battery units. However, there were some significant issues in terms of quality. Denchi was able to offer a much more compelling alternative, manufactured in the UK for only a marginal increase in cost.

Certain key criteria needed to be met by the substitute battery. It had to match the existing power delivery parameters, while fitting into a space-constrained enclosure. Maintaining the highest degrees of reliability was of course imperative too. This would mean that sending out service engineers and the cost of replacing faulty batteries could be avoided. After a short consultation phase, Denchi was able to propose a new bespoke design to Lemac. This consisted of a pair of 12V batteries, each with dimensions of 220mm x 71mm x 23mm, allowing a 6Ah total capacity to be supported. Thanks to the industry-leading power densities that Denchi technology can attain, it was possible to reduce the number of cells needed from 16 down to just 12 cells. This made the solution 25% smaller than the previous one, and reduced the weight too - thereby helping to improve system performance. The units have exactly the same circuit protection mechanisms as those featured on Denchi’s military-grade battery products.   

After the prototyping and field test work had been completed, it was not long before ramp up to high volume shipments began (covering both production units and spares). Following on from this, Denchi and Lemac are now discussing future development projects. 

“Often we see companies that went offshore to source energy storage solutions for their products coming to us when they suffer with technical and logistical problems, or experience a lack of responsiveness,” states Nick Simmons, Denchi’s Sales Director. “Thanks to ultra-reliable operation and exceptional longevity, our solutions present customers with a far lower total cost of ownership, and that’s what really matters. Furthermore, supply continuity and first class engineering support are completely assured.”   


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