Eaton helps Safar deliver high quality hose solutions to Iraq’s oil industry

Safar Oilfield Services is a distributor of oilfield equipment, with more than 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry with customers throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. The company’s offering includes products such as valves, oilfield tools, drilling industry supplies, personal protective equipment, and environmental safety products, as well as tailored, scalable procurement services.

To fully meet the needs of northern Iraq’s upstream oil and gas industry, Safar has recently partnered with Eaton’s hydraulics business to open a new hose centre within its existing 2,200 sq. m. facility in Erbil. This new partnership enables Safar to provide customised Eaton hose solutions to drilling companies throughout the region.

Quality and reliability are top priorities for customers in the oil and gas supply chain. If oilfield equipment is not optimal, it may affect productivity as well as profitability or even cause unforeseen safety risks. In a region such as northern Iraq, these challenges are further complicated by the harsh environmental conditions in which oil companies operate - specifically with high dust levels and extreme temperature ranges.

As a major supplier in the region, Safar needed to ensure its oilfield solutions, including hoses, met stringent requirements. Safar needed a partner who could provide reliable and durable hose solutions, while offering high quality technical presale support on how to meet the needs of the local oil industry. 

Being rapid and responsive in delivering supplies was another key challenge for Safar’s facility in northern Iraq. Late deliveries can have a significant impact on a customer’s industrial efficiency and productivity, and cause havoc if there’s an unforeseen incident. For example, in responding to a customer’s large oil spill, Safar opened its Erbil warehouse in the middle of the night to rapidly deliver a turnkey spill response package.

To keep up with such a fast-paced and challenging industry, the company needed to partner with a hose solution provider that could also ensure quick deliveries.

Knowing they needed to address the challenges within Iraq’s upstream industry, Safar’s Erbil team chose Eaton’s Aeroquip range of high pressure hydraulic hoses, as well as fittings, adapters, and other high quality, reliable hydraulic products.

“Having worked with Eaton for over fifteen years, we already placed great trust in its high quality hose solutions for the oil industry, as well as in its outstanding presales and aftersales support,” comments William Devoto, Senior Director – Safar Oilfield Services. “We know that Eaton’s product portfolio, backed by technical know-how and experience, is designed to provide reliable power and ensure the safety of our customers and equipment. This makes it ideally placed to respond to the demand of the upstream oil industry in Iraq.”

Specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding, high pressure oil and gas applications, Eaton’s Aeroquip Triple Crown spiral hose range offers durability and long-lasting performance under the toughest conditions. This engineered solution features innovative construction technologies, such as enhanced wire reinforcement designs and processing, new insulation materials, and an advanced hose manufacturing processes, and is pressure tested to withstand 2 million FLEX impulse cycles – far beyond comparable high-pressure hoses available on the market.

“Thanks to the Aeroquip Triple Crown, Eaton’s high pressure hoses also ensure improved working temperatures and better abrasion resistance leading to longer hose life in applications and requiring higher levels of performance,” comments Eaton sales manager, Hasan Shahid. “These properties make this range ideal for northern Iraq’s tough environmental conditions.”

As one of the world’s largest industrial manufacturers, Eaton was also chosen by Safar’s facility in Erbil to offer its customers with a reliable and responsive aftersales service. “Having an international partner like Eaton is crucial to the oil sector, where providing responsive and timely solutions can really make a difference in terms of efficiency and productivity,” explained Mr. Devoto.

With global expertise in the oil and gas sector, Eaton’s Application and Commercial Engineering (ACE) team fully understands its customers’ business challenges and is able to provide the tailored solutions needed to reduce project and business risk. Thus, Eaton was chosen by Safar to supply oil drilling companies in northern Iraq with bespoke solutions that fully meet their needs.

Focused on developing technologies to solve the toughest power management challenges, Eaton has also helped Safar gain a reputation across Iraq for supplying high quality and reliable bespoke hose solutions that meet the oil and gas industry’s stringent requirements. The company is also known for ensuring hose supplies are quickly and responsively delivered to oil drilling companies. 

“We are very happy with our partnership with Eaton’s hydraulics business and we look forward to further developing our relationship,” commented Mr Devoto. “As a well-known brand in the oil industry for quality and reliability, Eaton supports our growth in the Middle East and delivering the best bespoke hose solutions to our customers in Iraq.”

As a trusted partner of Eaton, Safar’s Erbil facility is now also planning to complement its offering by providing on site hose fitting services to its customers across the region. 

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