Eaton launches new CPD seminar on IE3

Power management company Eaton has announced that it has launched a new CPD seminar entitled Switchgear for IE3 motors. Approved by the CPD Certification Service for meeting the standards required for CPD training courses, the seminar is aimed at machine and system builders and looks at what the ErP directive means for switching and protection systems for electric motors.

Presented by Stuart Greenwood, product marketing manager, Industrial Control and Automation at Eaton, the seminar reviews the rationale behind the ErP directive; what its purpose is, why it was created and its implementation timescale. Additionally, the seminar will look at what improvement and changes are being made to motors to achieve higher energy efficiency, how to measure results, tests and experiences with IE3-motors, and how machine builders can ensure that they are using motor starters suitable for the increased inrush currents of IE3-motors.

“With lots of discussions around the new ErP directive, the seminar will provide those attending with a great overview of what this Directive really means for the industry and how we can ensure motors are operating at the level of energy efficiency required,” said Stuart. “Something that machine and system builders need to bear in mind however, is that products need to be checked individually with their suppliers to ensure suitability for IE3 usage, since devices made to the current IEC standards may not be capable.

Eaton’s latest CPD seminar was assessed by representatives from an independent panel of educationalists and technical experts and successfully met the assessors’ requirements for a balanced approach covering the technical aspects of the topic as well as ensuring the educational content is appropriate.  On completion of the seminar a CPD certificate is issued to all attendees to demonstrate participation and level of understanding.

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