Fanless ARCHMI Panel PCs from DSL with quad core Intel Atom and Intel Core processors

Ultra-lightweight yet ultra-strong HMIs with even more power.

DSL, sole UK distribution arm of Aplex Technology Inc, announced the release of the ARCHMI-8XX and ARCHMI-9XX range of Panel PCs. Buoyed by the success of the Intel Atom D2550 processor based ARCHMI-7XX Panel PC range, the ARCHMI brand HMI systems are now even more scalable with quad core Intel Atom processor (Codename “Bay Trail”  / ARCHMI-8XX) and Intel Core i3 processor (Codename “Haswell” / ARCHMI-9XX) variants, all completely fanless.

The ARCHMI format of Panel PCs is constructed from a single piece of die cast aluminium providing an ultra-lightweight yet ultra-strong HMI, where historically bent steel panels reigned supreme. Despite the core material improvement, minimized assembly costs denote a sharp fall in unit costs using this construction method.

Gone are with the ARCHMI format also the days where ‘industrial’ was synonymous with ‘ugly’, today’s typical consumer – and likely to be the Panel PC operator– is blessed with beautiful aesthetics on electronic devices at home, and that visual quality expectation exists in the workplace too.

The ARCHMI systems are suitable for VESA mounting in liquid free environments or with front IP65 rating simply panel mount to achieve total ingress protection. Available in display sizes from 7” to 21.5” in 1080P HD resolution.

Available with resistive or projected capacitive multi-touch touchscreens, the former for heavy industrial gloved usage, the latter for bare hands/latex gloves – both variants sport the ARCHMI feature of a completely flat front panel for easy cleaning.

All ARCHMI’s support wide temperature ranges, wide input voltages and DSL’s famous range of customization options.

The ability to customize the new Panel PCs to do exactly what customers demand is the icing on the cake.

Functionally – customers achieve their own unique I/O setup and exact connector locations via multiple I/O easy install peripheral modules or by customized versions setup by DSL engineers.

Aesthetically – OEM and end users can specify the bezel colour and logo to exactly match company’s branding.

With the Intel Atom D2550 processor, deployment was restricted to less graphical applications. Now the entire industrial world is the ARCHMI’s oyster.

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