Female and BAME data scientists are significantly less likely to be promoted to Director than their white male counterparts, a new report finds

Female and BAME Data Scientists are significantly less likely to be promoted to Director than their White Male counterparts, a new report finds.

A new report, based on a survey of 3,000 professionals globally has found female and minority-ethnic Data & Analytics professionals are half as likely to reach a Head of or Director position than white men.

As discussed in ‘Harnham’s Data & Analytics Diversity Report 2020’, despite an increasingly diverse presence across entry and mid-level positions (35% female, 23% BAME), representation decreases dramatically as seniority increases. By Head of/Director level, representation has more-than halved with only 16% of these positions held by women and 12% held by BAME professionals.

Additionally, the report also finds that 36% of senior roles are held by privately-educated individuals, a greater percentage than the current British Parliament. 

However, representation across all levels is more varied, and minority-ethnic professionals account for a greater percentage of the Data & Analytics industry than the overall workforce. Conversely, women make up only 25% of Data professionals, and gender diversity remains lacking in a number of areas, particularly Data Science and Data Engineering. 

Harnham have produced three Diversity Reports for the Data & Analytics market, covering the UK, the US and Europe. You can hear some of Harnham’s expert consultants discussing the importance of Diversity & Inclusion here

In addition to covering the industry make-up, the guides examine the gender and ethnic pay gaps, age and class dynamics, and the employee benefits divide. All three reports are available to download from https://www.harnham.com/diversity-reports-reports

Harnham, the global leaders in Data & Analytics Recruitment, were founded in 2006 and now employ 140 people across three offices globally. Find out more at https://harnham.com/.

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