Fluke is calling for companies to upgrade their cable testers to ensure that wired IoT networks comply with current PoE standards

As people, processes, data and devices connect to the Internet and each other, demand for better network access with minimum disruption is leading to increased installations of PoE infrastructure and compatible devices across a wide range of industries and applications. Recent research conducted by Cisco revealed almost 70% of networked devices in Western Europe will be wired or connected via Wi-Fi by 2023. 

Now Fluke has launched a promotion to encourage customers to upgrade old cable testers to ensure that their wired Internet of Things (IoT) networks comply with the standard requirements for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The T&M company is offering up to €2500 trade-in discount on an old copper cable tester. Customers who trade in their old testers of any make or model can get a new Fluke cable analyser that meets the latest PoE standards at a reduced price. This promotion is available to customers from 1 September to 15 December 2021. Customers can simply purchase their desired cable tester available as part of the Trade-In offer from their preferred participating distributor.

“With the DSX2-5000 and DSX2-8000 CableAnalyzers customers can certify the modular plug terminated link that typically connects the PoE device to the network. On top of that they can execute ‘+PoE’ tests that trigger a complete set of resistance measurements that ensure proper PoE connection is possible on the link," said Nicolas Bravo de Medina, Marketing Director EMEA at Fluke.

Find out more at www.flukenetworks.com

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