FreeCon contactless transmission system from Weidmuller

Burnt, bent or dirty contacts are often the cause of time consuming and costly production failures, especially in applications requiring frequent plugging cycles, for example industrial robots performing frequent tool changes where the level of wear and tear is especially high.

Weidmuller’s FreeCon Contactless product allows power to be transmitted via an air gap by means of an inductive resonance coupling – it’s a solution that’s completely wear-free and especially efficient. Double the power density and a far higher degree of efficiency is achieved compared with  other solutions that are available on the market.

With FreeCon Contactless, you can avoid contact related failures and reduce your maintenance costs considerably. It even opens up completely new areas of application, since for the first time ever an automated process can be used to establish a connection which previously would have to be plugged manually. The process of charging driverless transport systems, for instance, can be automated. High maintenance slip ring transmitters can be replaced too, since FreeCon Contactless securely transmits power even in the case of rotational movements.

Weidmuller’s FreeCon is available to purchase from Routeco here. For more information, please email


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