HMK Automation Group to launch extended collaborative robot range

Leading supplier of world-class products for automation applications, HMK, will launch the extended range of Collaborative Robots, or ‘Cobots’, at the PPMA Show from 25th to 27th September at the NEC.
HMK has added two new products to its Robotic portfolio: the TM12 and TM14 from TECHMAN. As the sole official UK distributor and partner of TECHMAN robotics, HMK continues to spearhead innovation with the introduction of the most advanced range of collaborative robots (Cobots), pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automation and implementing the future of industry 4.0 today.
The new Collaborative robot from TECHMAN merges systems that usually function separately in conventional robots, most notably vision, which in the vast majority of robots used today is an optional extra that requires more capital investment and time to integrate and program. With the TM series a powerful camera is built in and ready to go out of the box, allowing for more human-like processes to be carried out, hence why we talk about it as a collaborator and co-worker alongside your company’s human employees.
Featuring an increased payload and reach capability the TM12 and TM14 still remain, Simple, Smart & Safe.  With an achievable reach of 1300mm and 12kg payload for the TM12 and 1100mm reach and 14kg payload for the TM14 Cobot, they are ideally suited for a variety of industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic Assembly, Packaging and Plastics, and Food Processing. Featuring ease of operation and rapid deployment, these robots reduce automation and maintenance costs whilst increasing precision and production efficiency, making them perfect for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy. The TM12 and 14 are large and strong enough to be suitable for tasks like sorting and palletizing heavy items, opening them up to new tasks that previously would have been performed by human logistics workers or slow and less flexible mechanical systems.
The TM range of Cobots features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications.  The TM12 and TM14 has the TM-series' vision identification functionality has been completely integrated within the collaborative robot platform, which vastly increases the Cobot’s capabilities. This includes functions for shape matching, barcode & QR code reading, colour recognition, OCR, conveyor tracking and 3D Bin picking, features typically only found as high-end, high-price accessories to the robot arm.
HMK will also be promoting a professional approach to the implementation of Cobots to accompany their growing range. We are in a new era of technology, which is bringing high quality, low cost, easy to program robots into the workplace that can work collaboratively, in coexistence and co-operatively. Because of its simplicity and versatility, the technology is also being adopted by businesses that have previously not been exposed to robotics and in many cases any automation platforms.
However, despite the robots being ‘smart, simple and safe’ there is a little more to using them than plugging them in and flicking a switch. HMK are already witnessing occasions where the end user is purchasing collaborative robots on the assumption that they can simply attach some end-of-arm tooling and implement the application within their factories. This is primarily happening as some suppliers are selling the Cobots as being “safe out of the box”. However, all applications need risk assessing under ISO 10218-2 and following the Cobot implementation guidance ISO/TS 15066. HMK have a large team of qualified engineers who can help with the automation architecture, perform risk assessments and document the application with a technical file to allow for the CE marking of the application. 
Working closely and directly with TECHMAN Robots, HMK are uniquely certified within the UK to offer training in how to work with and alongside a TM Cobot. The company has already had dozens of engineers from across the country attend a one-day intensive seminar on how to program and collaborate with Cobots in real-world scenarios.
We’re already seeing in companies across the country that Industry 4.0 isn’t just a buzzword: it’s a profound change in the way we work. The key idea is not to replace human workers, but to empower them and enhance their capability and efficiency, increase accuracy and automate away repetitive tasks that can be detrimental to health. By introducing an expanded range of Cobots with greater reach and capacity (and the same ground-breaking features as the smaller models) HMK is able to help any company become part of the next industrial revolution.
Come and see the whole range in action and speak to HMK's technical experts. Visit them at stand F32 to see their collaborative robots in action.

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