Image processing system is faster and more flexible

The latest Keyence machine vision system is claimed to be one of the most complete on the market. Already featuring high performance levels for speed, resolution, stability and the range of software tools, the XG-7000 Series can now also be programmed in a PC environment. The controller houses a powerful image processing platform dedicated to avoiding problems of overloading and maintainability commonly found with conventional PC System.

The PC software can be used to develop the vision program and the user interface. The XG Vision Editor software takes the form of a flowchart, in which the users simply drag and drop processing ‘blocks’ to create the flow. A wide range of algorithms and filters are available. Among them, the ShapeTrax2 positioning tools, the Stain defect detection tools, and the edge measurement tools that are already well known in our current Machine Vision systems. As an extra feature, the XG-7000 provides the possibility of executing operations on the images before processing them; this enables use of image calibration and distortion correction systems that are in strong demand in the field of robotics and dimensional measurement. Barcodes, OCR and 2D codes can also be read.

The XG-7000 controllers can be networked, and accessed remotely using software to view and test the changes made from a remote terminal or via the Internet, without stopping production.

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