Interroll brings Formula 1 to the Tire Technology Expo 2018

At this year's Tire Technology Expo, the Interroll Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of material handling solutions, presented its solutions for automated production. At the international trade fair for tyre manufacturing, which took place on February 20–22 in Hannover, Germany, visitors to Interroll’s stand were able to see more than just a glimpse of the company's product range. By presenting an Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 race car on the stand, Interroll also brought Formula 1, the top tier of international motorsports, to the fair.
In addition to distribution logistics, which is particularly profiting from the flourishing e-commerce sector, production logistics presents an interesting growth market when it comes to material handling. This is because the manufacturing industry is being confronted with increasingly demanding challenges to stay internationally competitive; these challenges include pricing, productivity and occupational safety. As a result, interest in material handling solutions that are based on high-performance, efficient and flexible technology has risen sharply.
Solutions from Interroll have been used successfully by global tire and automotive industry leaders including Goodyear, Continental, Bosch and Pirelli. A range of suitable solutions is offered, among them some from leading Interroll partners such as Vanriet, the Beumer Group, Uteco Contec and Cassioli. Generally, these solutions use modern drum motors and 24-volt RollerDrives, technologies which stand out for their compact design and low energy consumption, as well as their particularly low-noise operation. On this basis, conveyor systems with zero pressure accumulation can be set up effortlessly, thanks to the decentralized drive and control concept. By using modular Interroll conveyor platforms, these solutions offer a high degree of flexibility, which provides significant additional advantages, for example, when it comes to expanding or retrofitting the system.
"We at Interroll have a passion for tires and cars. We ensure quality, speed and user-friendliness. Together with our partners—who integrate systems all over the world—we provide sector-specific solutions for the tire industry. We fulfill the requirements of our global customers with our products and our unique international presence", said Maurizio Catino, Senior Director Global Sales & Services at the Interroll Group.
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