Inverters have integrated PLC functionality

Nord Drivesystems has extended its SK 500E series of compact frequency inverters for control cabinet installation, adding the SK 540E which features an integrated basic PLC functionality. Without the support of an external controller, the inverter is able to control many demanding applications with sequences and links to counters, comparators and flags that are easily programmed in accordance with the industry standard IEC 61131-3 using the PC-based NordCon tool.

The PLC provides control for up to eight digital inputs, three digital outputs, two relays, two analog inputs and one analog output. If required, additional I/O extension modules may be added for increased machine control. The new inverter may be used for applications such as the integration of monitoring functions into pump drives, enabling them to autonomously react to flow rate fluctuations. All operating data can, of course, also be transferred to higher-level controls with the SK 540E featuring interfaces for all standard fieldbus systems. Even without an integrated PLC, SK 500E series inverters support a wide range of industrial applications through integrated functions including PID process control, a servo mode that ensures full torque at standstill, and absolute and relative positioning with the POSICON module. SK 500E inverters are available in seven sizes and cover motor ratings between 0.25 and 37kW.

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