IP66 cable entries for all shapes and sizes

Connection technology expert, CONTA-CLIP supplies versatile components for simple and time-saving cable management.

The tool-less KDS and KES cable entry systems enable easy routing and flexible rearrangement of cables and conduits in enclosures and control cabinets, with reliable strain relief and IP66 ingress protection. To install any number of differently sized and shaped cables, enclosures no longer need to be fitted with variously sized openings, reducing the machining effort to a minimum. This enables manufacturers to supply fully sealed, preconfigured machine enclosures and control cabinets without knowing the exact final wiring requirements.

One-piece KES plates with push-through membranes enable high-density routing of up to 32 unassembled cables, wires, or conduits. The multi-part KDS system features a frame that can always stay in place once it is installed – removable sealing elements in different sizes can be inserted to change the assembly as needed.

Email: christian.quade@conta-clip.de
Internet: www.conta-clip.com

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