Light guards now easier to install

Leuze electronic’s MLD light guards combine high performance with simple installation. There are no DIP switches to set and there is no PC connection, because setup is defined by the installation wiring to the M12 plugs.

Users are able to buy a complete kit of parts for muted entry/exit light guard systems on one part number.

These sets which come with the new brackets and arms specially designed for the MLD, have the muting sensors pre-mounted and adjusted. This and the modular wiring speeds up installation, with the added benefit of knowing everything needed has been ordered.

The muting sensors within the kit connect to a local connection box which mounts on to the light guard or the machine in order to reduce the amount of cabling.

The connection wiring back inside the control cabinet is used to define which one of six possible muting modes are used including parallel, sequential and partial muting.

To further simply installation, for example across a conveyor), Leuze offers an innovative three-beam transceiver on one side and a mirror column on the far side, plus retro-reflective muting sensors with reflectors on the far side. This means all of the wiring is only on one side of the conveyor.

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