Lite relief: low-cost coding system solves packaging waste challenge

Rotech, designer and manufacturer of offline advanced sleeve feeding systems, has just launched its new and unique RF-Lite sleeve coding system. In line with Rotech’s right code, right place, right price philosophy, the RF-Lite is an ideal entry-level solution for artisan food producers and other small food companies looking to automate their offline date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators who are looking to install multiple date marking systems to cater for a variety of products and short production runs.

The RF-Lite takes flat cardboard sleeves from a hopper, feeds them through an inkjet printer so they can be date-coded and stacks them again ready for use. The sleeves are stacked vertically in a hopper, where friction wheels separate them and feed them one by one to the inkjet printer. This would not be possible using a conventional ‘push’ or shuttle feed mechanism, which only works with thick, stiff materials. The RF-Lite can handle a variety of sleeve thicknesses, shapes and sizes and only takes seconds to swap between sizes without special tools or training. The RF-Lite’s linear speed is 60m/s, which means it can handle just under 200 - 300mm sleeves per minute or around 250 sleeves at 200mm.

The RF-Lite will appeal primarily to the chilled food sector, which currently manufacture over 12,000 products for British retail shelves and generate around £11 billion*.   

* The Chilled Food Association.

All enquiries to: E Tel: +44 01707 393 700

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