Meet the retail robots transforming in-store operations with AI

Bossa Nova is set to debut its fully autonomous retail service robots into UK supermarkets, following major success in the US.

Early adopters include Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, which has implemented the technology in 50 of its US stores and is deploying an additional 300 stores. With its bleeding-edge technology, developed by world-class robotics, artificial intelligence, and big data scientists, Bossa Nova robots will soon be deployed in British supermarkets, autonomously capturing and analysing on-shelf inventory in real-time.


Bossa Nova operates the largest fleet of autonomous, shelf scanning robots in the world and scan more than 225,000 products per store, per day. The robots have powerful battery and storage capabilities and can scan continuously while in motion without the need to stop. The data collected trains Bossa Nova’s algorithms to continuously improve the accuracy of the information provided to retailers.


Speaking ahead of the company’s plans to introduce the technology into UK supermarkets, Red McKay, European managing director at Bossa Nova Europe said:


“We’re excited to introduce this technology to UK grocers, especially at a time when retailers are looking to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Bossa Nova’s technology has allowed retailers to improve product availability, keep up with demand and streamline stock management, saving time and money.”


Red continued: “The data our technology collects serves as ground truth for stores. Data at this scale enables retailers to transform their operations with unparallelled real-time, accurate and actionable data.”


Bossa Nova opened its first European office last year choosing Sheffield as its headquarters for its outstanding universities, industry talent, and excellence in robotics.  



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