Miles Industrial Electronics introduces the UNIGET 4 additional Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module with PoE+ and SFP

The UNIGET board solution is very universal and has, in addition to the four individual Gigabit LAN ports, PoE+ capability for every copper port. The LAN ports can either be equipped with RJ45 connectors, lockable headers, or with SFP cages for fibre applications. A mix of the various connectors and functions is also possible.

A unique feature is that there is no PCIe switch implemented on the UNIGET, each Ethernet controller resides on its own PCIe link enabling the maximum speed available from the host board.

UNIGET is the ideal solutions for any Power over Ethernet supplied devices, like IP cameras, but also for Defence or Railway applications where PoE on M12 or MIL-38999 connectors are a must.

  • PCIe/104 card, meeting the integration of the PIP30 i7 and MXCS Xeon Embedded Computer Family
  • Four independent Intel Ethernet controllers Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • RJ45, 2mm lockable headers or SFP
  • Each LAN is connected to dedicated PCI Express x1 lane
  • PoE+ on all four ports
  • PCI/104 stack-through

The UNIGET is based on the Intel Ethernet chip with wide OS Support (DOS, Linux, Windows as well as Win Server).

The solution is available with standard temperature range -20°C to 60°C as well as -40°C to +85°C, coating options are available.

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