New Basler ace models with PYTHON Sensors from ON Semiconductor

Eight new Basler ace models with PYTHON Sensors from ON Semiconductor are available with CMOS sensors.

The eight new ace models from camera manufacturer Basler all feature resolutions of 2, 3 to 5 megapixels, and have already launched into series production. These eight models supplement the 28 cameras in the ace series already featuring the new PYTHON sensors from On Semiconductor or sensors from the Sony Pregius line. These cameras stand out in particular for their combination of compact design, large and powerful CMOS sensors with the latest global shutter technology and an excellent price/performance ratio. The eight new cameras deliver up to 150 fps and include the unique PGI feature set. All new ace models conform to the GigE Vision and USB3 Vision standards.

The following camera models are in series production:

·       acA1920-150uc, 2.3 MP, 150 fps, colour, USB 3.0

·       acA1920-150um, 2.3 MP, 150 fps, mono, USB 3.0

·       acA2500-60uc, 5 MP, 60 fps, colour, USB 3.0

·       acA2500-60um, 5 MP, 60 fps, mono, USB 3.0

·       acA1920-48gc, 2.3 MP, 50 fps, colour, GigE

·       acA1920-48gm, 2.3 MP, 50 fps, mono, GigE

·       acA2500-20gc, 5 MP, 21 fps, colour, GigE

·       acA2500-20gm, 5 MP, 21 fps, mono, GigE


Highlights of the eight new ace models:

·       Global Shutter technology

·       Resolutions from 2.3 to 5 megapixels

·       Frame rates of up to 150 frames per second

·       Powerful in-camera image optimisation: PGI

·       Using the full bandwidth of the USB3 Vision and GigE Vision standards

·       Small design (29 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm at 80 g)

·       Excellent price/performance ratio


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