New generation of hollow shaft motors

The EZHD synchronous servo motor with hollow shaft with its new bearing technology in all versions can offer a far higher shaft load than to date as well as an integrated brake. With the newly added size 4, Stober is rounding out the bottom end of the program. The outstanding feature of these motors is the exceptionally large inside diameter of the hollow shaft flange that is ideally suited for the lead-through of energy and media of all kinds.

Despite the size of the hollow shaft, these motors offer an exceptional power density with their orthocyclically linear-wound motor coils. The use of the flange hollow shaft for direct connection to the load results in a completely backlash-free, differentiated and smooth drive behaviour.

In addition to the EZHD synchronous servo motor with hollow shaft described, the Stober range also includes the EZHP synchronous servo geared motor with hollow shaft and the EZM synchronous servo motor for screw drives.

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