New IntraVUE Ethernet network monitoring software from Panduit

If you’re not a network expert, Panduit's IntraVUE Software will help give you the ability to respond to network issues as if you were!

IntraVUE simplifies the support of Industrial Ethernet. With IntraVUE you can easily identify issues that arise when Ethernet devices are deployed in distributed and hostile environments including:
  • Duplicate IP and MAC addresses
  • Device or cable moves
  • Connection or application faults
  • Unauthorised connections
  • Real-time Diagnostic Reports

If the problem cannot be solved locally, now you can push a button and send all the necessary files to experts who can help. IntraVUE's continuously recording of network information will mean many intermittent problems will be captured for analysis. 

Whether this is an internal corporate group or external support organisation, the data capture will provide enough information to reduce or eliminate the need for a costly on-site support call. 

Vendor Neutral & Industrial Ethernet Focused

The key advantage of IntraVUE software and Panduit support is that they are vendor neutral and focused on Industrial Ethernet. They understand the subtle differences as well as how to train local resources to be self-sufficient.

What may be a first time occurrence at your location, may be an infrequent but common problem found in other applications.

IntraVUE is being used in over 2,500 networks worldwide from small bakeries to large automotive facilities. This solution is cost effective for networks with as few as 30 devices.

IntraVUE by Panduit software is available to purchase on the Routeco website by clicking here. Please email us at if you would like more information or call us on 0370 607 1000.

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