New motorised linear stages

Zaber's new X-LDQ-AE Series devices are computer-controlled, motorised linear stages suited for applications demanding outstanding precision, throughput, and reliability. A centrally mounted linear encoder results in 1 µm position accuracy and consistent movement steps down to 25 nm. X-LDQ-AE devices feature high efficiency ironless linear motors, providing high speed and acceleration, while minimising heat generation to improve repeatability. Both the drive and encoder are non-contact, and have no moving cables, resulting in a high lifetime system.
These stages are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 48 V power supply. They connect to the RS-232 port or USB port of any computer, and they can be daisy-chained with up to 254 Zaber devices to a single RS-232 or USB port. The daisy-chain also shares power, making it possible for multiple X-Series products to share a single power supply. Like all of Zaber's products, the X-LDQ-AE Series is designed to be 'plug and play' and very easy to set up and operate.
Zaber’s software is easy to use.
It automatically recognises all your devices and allows you to communicate with each one. You can easily set up automated routines, and the source code can be modified for advanced customisation. The software is available in many popular languages including LabVIEW, Visual Basic, C#, Excel, and C. Libraries with APIs are also available in several languages. All software is available for free download. 
Reduce cost, overall device footprint, and cable clutter.
Many of the Zaber devices are designed with built-in controllers and drivers (and some with encoders), which reduces your cost, overall device footprint, and cable clutter. There are versions with external controllers too, should you require true interpolated motion for tracing straight lines and curves in 2 dimensions. 
The devices are perfect for automating your positioning needs. The free software allow you to send single commands or complex sequences. Most models offer a manual control knob so that when you want to, you can position your device by hand as well. 
Zaber's positioners with built-in controllers, stand-alone controllers, and joysticks are divided into three series: the T-Series, the A-Series, and the X-Series. Please refer to our Series Reference Table for more information.
The Zaber Product Selector helps to filter devices by specs, i.e. travel range, max. speed, microstep size, max. centered load etc. 
Laser 2000 is Zaber’s appointed UK photonics partner since many years, at our Photonex stand we will showcase Zaber stages and their joystick. The joystock is ideal for XY or XYZ applications requiring manual control. It is compatible with all Zaber motor controllers and devices with built-in controllers. When connected with other X-Series products, power can be shared between all devices in the chain, reducing the number of power supplies needed.
Optics, optomechanics, adaptive optics.
Laser 2000 will also show some of our optics and optomechanics products from the market leaders OptoSigma and Semrock Optical Filters, and our latest addition for Adaptive Optics, the high-speed spatial light modulator (SLM) from meadowlark optics. 
Laser safety first.
If you are working with laser processing applications, see our laser safety products at our stand. Laser 2000 (UK) is the UK’s Premium Partner for Laservision laser safety products. The core of laservision’s business are laser safety goggles based on coated or absorptive plastic or glass filters. Unlike many other manufacturers, which are focused mainly on one technology only, laservision is using all technologies to design and manufacture laser safety products. Based on more than 20 years of history laservision has long lasting experience on all relevant fields of technology and their products are manufactured, tested and approved according to the European regulations.
Please get in touch with our Industrial Photonics team to discuss any requirements: 01933 461 666, or send an email to Or visit our team at our stand D02, we would be happy to see you there.