New range of controls and switches aimed at marine applications

A complete range of specialised switches and innovative control systems for marine applications are available from EAO – the human machine interface (HMI) specialist.

Swiss quality and precision engineering are said to come together in this range of standard products which includes illuminated pushbuttons and indicators, keylocks, selector switches, joysticks, ­membrane controls and emergency-stops. They are said to suit virtually every application within a vessel: ­navigation controls, bridge communication, lighting, passenger access, power distribution and security.

Modularity is at the heart of EAO’s product design. HMI components are available in a choice of materials including stainless steel and aluminium and a range of shapes, mounting styles and colours. There’s a comprehensive choice of accessories for all EAO series. Combinations can be tailored ­precisely to the application. For example, a pushbutton used on deck can be fitted with stainless steel housing and covered with a silicone lens cap for extra resistance to saline erosion. IP67 and IP68-rated switches are available.

For customers requiring a complete HMI system, EAO develops unique interfaces and control ­panels supplied fully wired for integration within a larger system. Whether a luxury yacht or ship builder, an electrical supplier or panel builder, or a specialised distributor to the marine industry, EAO can supply the most appropriate components and integrated switching systems.

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