New video shows how beer company achieves consistency

Sabco is a manufacturer of beer brewering systems, with options for major operations, smaller craft breweries home-enthusiasts and everything in between. Regardless of the size of their operation, every customer has a few common concerns, chiefly the consistency and repeatability of their beer.  Data monitoring and recording, accurately timed recipes and easy to use controls are necessary features.

Partnering with Unitronics, Sabco has been able to offer their customers all these requirements and more.  Almost every Sabco system incorporates a Unitronics Vision series all-in-one PLCs with integrated HMI.  These reliable controllers help brewers ensure the reliability of their product.  Moreover, Unitronics controllers are rugged enough to endure the hot, wet conditions often found in breweries, as well as having an IP66 rating for spray-down conditions.

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