Omron’s innovative automation solutions: harmony between human and machine

How can manufacturers increase efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence and robotics? How can companies remain competitive, whilst improving safety and quality? Visitors to Hannover Messe, one of the world's largest trade shows that will take place from April 1-5 2019, can find the answers at industrial automation expert Omron’s booth F24 in hall 9, where innovative interaction between human and machine is one of the key topics. Omron’s innovative-Automation! concept presents a holistic approach for the flexible production lines of the future. The upgraded AI-equipped Forpheus table tennis tutor robot, Omron’s robotic bin picking solution that combines a collaborative robot, mobile robot and 3D vision, as well as world’s first AI machine controller solution, will also be on show.

Flexible solutions for growing industrial challenges

“Manufacturers have to ensure the highest quality and comprehensive traceability across the production line and supply chain, in parallel with the need to make production more flexible, faster and more customisable than ever before. On top of this, they are currently facing the challenge of balancing external issues such as skilled labour shortages, sustainability and increased regulatory requirements with their production processes and business objectives. This is where Omron's technology solutions come in: we develop solutions that unleash and augment human potential,” said Dr. Klaus Kluger, General Manager Central Eastern Europe at Omron. “The networking of human and machine in the age of artificial intelligence is a core topic at this year's Hannover Messe. Underlining this approach, Omron will exhibit a portfolio of innovative solutions, including Edge-based AI control, that accelerate data collection, interpretation and intelligence, harmonising the interaction between humans and machines, and enabling increased production flexibility,” Peter Cusack, head of Strategic Marketing at Omron concludes.

In a flexible manufacturing line demonstration at the booth, visitors can follow an entire production process from order entry to assembly, inspection and delivery. The combination of precision control together with mobile and collaborative robots enables the highest levels of manufacturing line flexibility to address consumer demand for increased customisation, without the need to reconfigure a line. Omron’s demonstration comprehensively showcases vertical and horizontal integration of the company’s core technologies in sensing, safety, motion, robotics and control, based on open standards. Innovative-Automation! Provides synergy between Omron’s proven core competence in Sensing & Control + Think technologies, helping manufacturers optimise personalised products through flexible manufacturing and achieve higher OEE and maximum safety and quality.

AI-powered table tennis tutor robot Forpheus returns smarter

Omron’s AI-equipped fifth-generation table tennis tutor robot Forpheus is an interactive representation of the company’s integrated technologies, from sensing and control to artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. The upgraded robot now has an expanded range of movement, enhanced predictive people- and ball-sensing skills, and more AI-powered personalised coaching skills. Forpheus illustrates how intelligent machines can learn from human interaction and help develop and support human potential. 

Collaborative mobile robot automates challenging applications

The collaborative robots presented at Hannover Messe will be another example of technology designed to revolutionise the factory floor of the future and promote harmony between humans and machines for improved productivity, efficiency and product quality. Our new TM collaborative robot, born from the collaboration with Techman, provides a unique solution to easily automate applications that, traditionally performed by humans, have been challenging to automate. The robot integrates seamlessly into Omron’s LD autonomous mobile robot, and with an additional 3D vision camera mounted directly onto the collaborative robot, the solution enables automation of more complex tasks, such as bin picking. The robot can pick and place various items onto a tray or container, as well as connect production processes for flexible manufacturing and materials handling.

World’s first AI machine controller solution at the Edge reduces downtime

Also on display at the show is Omron’s new Sysmac AI controller with AI predictive maintenance library. The Artificial Intelligence solution collects, analyses and utilises data on ‘Edge’ devices within a controller to prolong equipment longevity and detects abnormalities to prevent failures. At the booth, to demonstrate the capability of the AI controller to react to unforeseen situations in real-time, Omron simulates a filling process in beverage production.

3D Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) with Artificial Intelligence 

Rounding up the array of solutions showing the benefits of AI, visitors can see the VT- X750 from Omron, the world’s fastest AXI machine for image and inspection quality. In a demonstration with PCB soldering, a solution with artificial intelligence inspects the solder joint, showing how AI can improve the process.

Visit Omron at Hannover Messe 2019 (April 1-5) in hall 9, booth F24.


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