RFID technology to industrial connectivity solutions

At Drives & Controls 2012, Harting is featuring its range of industrial connectivity solutions, ranging from electrical and electronic connectors to industrial networking systems based on the company’s innovative FTS (Fast Track Switching) Ethernet technology. Designed to provide an integrated communications framework between office and manufacturing networks, FTS switches can identify automation profiles, accelerate their data-transmission speeds and prioritise them.

Linked to the FTS demonstration, Harting will for the first time feature its active RFID (radio-frequency identification) systems for rugged environments, including a new range of hardened transponders for mounting on metal and in concrete. The new Ha-VIS RF-R500 is a powerful, versatile and robust RFID reader designed for applications outdoors or in harsh environments. The reader can capture information automatically on several hundred objects over distances of up to 16 metres and can immediately store data on an existing IT system such as SAP. Automatic capture minimises possible sources of error and enables the optimisation of logistics processes.

Harting’s world class industrial range of electrical interconnect products are also being shown, including the Han family of power connectors, the award-winning Han-Yellock connector system with bridging options and the versatile all-plastic Han ECO range.

Harting is also featuring its electronic connector range and the integration of connectors into backplanes, card frames and cabinets. Cable assemblies complement the full Harting offering, ranging from simple IDC electronic cables to complex heavy-duty industrial offerings.

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