Robotics Within Reach

ST Robotics have been making low cost professional robot arms in the UK for 15 years. Hundreds are in use all over the world. ST has no travelling reps and all sales are made through the Internet.

There are now 3 basic arms, R12, R17 in 5 and 6 axis versions and R19 in 4, 5 and 6 axis versions. Moreover there are several variants from the basic R12 to and the very fast R17HS.

The real star in ST Robotics is the embedded RoboForth software. It’s really easy to use and hundreds of users who had had no coding experience have managed quite complex tasks. ST offer acclaimed manuals and tutorials plus unlimited and indefinite technical support.

ST now has over 30 accessories including a linear track, various electric and pneumatic grippers, vacuum pickups, tool changers and other accessories including a safety sensor system that will stop the robot if a person gets too close making it true collaborative robotics. The website https://strobotics .com has a wealth of information in great detail and even lists price.


ST Robotics International

+44 1223 420288

+1 609 584 7522


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