Sensata launches new White Paper on how sensors are moving materials handling towards safer automation

Sensata Technologies, one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensor, industrial control, power management and electrical protection solutions, has published a new white paper (How Sensors are Moving Materials Handling Towards Safe Automation) that covers the rapidly evolving world of Automated Guided Vehicles and how new developments in sensor and guidance technologies are enabling AGVs to become an essential element for a wide variety of material handling applications.

This white paper examines some of the more interesting applications which are adopting AGVs and how a number of various navigation and sensor technologies are enabling this innovative material handling industry transformation especially in regard to industrial and warehousing applications.

This white paper covers the various types of AGVs, the market drivers, the various navigation and steering control technologies, as well as an look at the leading sensing technologies that enabling the rise in AGV solutions and systems.

What do developers of AGV solutions need to know about the latest industrial and warehouse sensor and navigation technologies? 

This new Sensata white paper is available as a free download at

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