Speed monitor offers improved functionality

The MOC3SA Speed Monitor from Sick (UK) is designed to offer improved speed limiting functionality on machine tool and general rotating machinery while enhancing the ease of set-up and maintenance. It is also claimed to enable engineers and factory managers to meet safety requirements with greater day-to-day production flexibility and less downtime.

A typical application for the standstill function would be to limit access to an area until the machine has come to a complete stop. Once this has been detected a solenoid is released from a safety gate switch allowing access.

Safe standstill is not always practical and in some instances, personnel need access to the machine to carry out setup tasks. In this situation the machine needs to operate at a slow speed. Should this speed increase for any reason the machine needs to come to a safe stop.

The Sick MOC3SA Speed Monitor accepts inputs from proximity sensors, optical sensors and encoders on a standard 24V signal, and has four safe semiconductor outputs to communicate with safety controllers; it is designed principally to integrate with Sick’s Flexi Classic and Flexi Soft controllers. The MOC3SA is said to be simple to setup through the use of rotary switches and two variants are available depending on the frequency being monitored.

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