Taking object sensing to the next level

A transparent object sensor specifically designed for the food and beverage industry has been introduced by Omron that enables the detection of objects such as glass bottles, PET bottles, transparent trays or packaging film.

To enable high precision detection and positioning on conveyors where the smallest of gaps between bottles exists, the E3S-DB is also available in narrow beam models with a convergent beam that has a focused spot size of just 2mm at a distance of 200mm.

To meet the trend towards the use of thin PET bottles in the beverage industry, E3S-DB sensors apply a technique known as P-Opaquing that offers increased detection stability through special polarising filters for PET objects. A further advanced feature automatically compensates for light level changes caused by ambient conditions or contamination.

Developed in conjunction with customers who produce food and beverage products, the E3S-DB features an optical system that enables sensing with low hysteresis and high dynamic range.

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