Updated website for IoT resources

Mouser Electronics has announced the introduction of their updated Internet of Things (IoT) Applications site. Mouser's new applications site provides developers with the resources they need to learn about the newest products and latest developments in this popular technology segment.

The updated Internet of Things (IoT) Applications site, available on Mouser.com, contains even more valuable resources for developers interested in learning about this expanding field. For example, a wireless heart monitor could let doctors remotely monitor a patient's health and respond quickly if the data warrants it. Machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors monitor factory equipment while providing inter-device connectivity. Gateway solutions like the Intel DK50 Series Gateway provide connectivity for devices that do not directly support internet connectivity.       

The Intelligent Devices section focuses on examples that includes Wearables, small wireless-enabled MCUs with attached sensors and, optionally, displays. For remote patient monitoring, IoT devices such as pill cameras and implantable transceivers provide valuable data for diagnosing physical ailments. IoT digital locks can be locked and unlocked using smartphones. IoT sensors embedded in a "smart building" allow monitoring of the building environment to determine optimal comfort and energy usage.       

The Intelligent Communication section discusses the use of cloud based networks when communicating by Body Area Networks (BAN) and Personal Area Networks (PAN). Communications can be made by Wi-Fi, cellular, ZigBee, NFC, or Bluetooth and the advantages and disadvantages of each are covered in this section. How this data is analysed and stored is covered in the Intelligent Analytics section.       

Finally, the Featured Products section focuses on key products available from Mouser.com that speed and enhance IoT development. Products include the Intel Galileo Development Board, the STMicroelectronics BlueNRG Bluetooth Processor, the Freescale MMA955xL Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform, and more. All products are available for same-day shipping from Mouser.com.

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