Wire Processing in Panel Building Easy. Flexible. Efficient

Panel building is a comprehensive process from planning, through installation, to operation. Weidmüller solutions effectively interlink individual work steps and can speed up work processes by up to 80%. 

The Weidmüller Wire Processing Centre (WPC) is a modular assembly system consisting of cable processing machines and industrial printers. The modules are interconnected via integrated interfaces and controllers using specialised software. The WPC gives users maximal freedom to enter data, control process, and integrate components like cable entry, cable sorting, or additional printers. Project plans can be executed with ease and flexibility.

Special properties:

Optimal processing of a wide variety of finishing tasks

  • Flexible usage options
  • Optimal integration into manufacturing processes
  • Optimal process reliability
  • Reliable replenishment with wire-end ferrules and markers

Further details:

  • 17"-Touch display with integrated software
  • Different cable feeding options
  • Additional plugs, like USB, mains and air pressure
  • High degrees of flexibility through use of semiautomatic machines
  • Consideration of customer requirements
  • Modular system of machines, printers and appropriate software


  • CAE data can be easily transferred to the WPC. Filter functions within the software enables access for various transmitted projects.
  • The WPC enables the highest degrees of flexibility in terms of multiple entry options for CAE data, versatile changing options, implementing further printers and other components.
  • The WPC is a modular system that can be set up step-wise to the total system. Initially the single components can be used separately, and later on, be upgraded to a system approach.
  • The WPC components can either be used in the system approach steered by integrated software or can be used in stand-alone mode with the respective functionality of the single component.

A perfectly marked control cabinet in just a few steps. See our video at or visit our website information page.  Alternatively, feel free to call us on 0845 094 2006.

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