Wireless chip tracks beverage dispensing

IDC’s ZigBee wireless mesh technology is playing a major role in tracking - in real time - the dispensing of beverages in the hospitality industry. The ZigBee low power wireless technology makes it possible to track when, where, what and how much beer or spirit is dispensed. The resulting data is then routed to a back office PC, or direct to the web via IDC’s ZB104 Ethernet Gateway, for analysis. IDC’s ZigBee chip is a key element in the Bonzi wireless beverage metering system, which provides a control system for the hospitality industry. Bonzi comprises a family of wireless products that delivers control solutions for every aspect of beverage dispensing that integrate with most major point-of-sale (POS) systems. IDC’s ZigBee chip integrates snugly into the Bonzi pouring head; the chip in no way impinging on the pouring process: it transmits each pour wirelessly for comparison with registered sales, improving stock and cost control and highlighting any discrepancies. Any number of the ZigBee-equipped pouring heads can be used at any one time, each providing specific and accurate pour information to a secure onsite PC,via a IDC ZB104 Ethernet Gateway.


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