Wireless, Multi-touch & Safety Functions: The HGW 1033

The wireless mobile panels of the HGW 1033-series from SIGMATEK pull out all the stops in operating comfort. First, through wireless data transfer, the meter-long cables in the production hall have been eliminated. Second, the mobile HMI has a 10.1-inch multi-touch display (PCT) that is suitable for industrial applications and offers a wide range of visualization options and an intuitive operating concept. Last but not least, optional Safety functions ensure safe and easy monitoring and controlling within the harsh industrial environment.
For the industrial wireless operating solution, SIGMATEK uses a 2-component system consisting of the HGW 1033 and the base station BWH 001. Both units are equipped with high-performance EDGE2 Technology processor, which enables sophisticated visualization and operating applications. The base station also serves as a gateway with docking and charging functions. To ensure the quality of the signal transmission in the machine environment, the 2-component system communicates on two frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with separate antennas.
The modern HMI is available with these Safety functions: Confirmation button, key switch and an active-illuminated emergency stop. When inactive, the button appears gray. An illuminated red mushroom button indicates that the HGW 1033 is correctly linked to the system and the Safety elements are ready to use. As with the function-oriented data, the Safety data is transmitted via the standard WLAN network but according to the Black Channel Principle. SIGMATEK has therewith laid the corner stone for future visualization tasks. In modern production facilities, numerous machines and systems operate under the supervision of a single operator and for this person, it is extremely useful to have the collected information clearly organized on a mobile and wireless operating interface that is always within reach. A safe 7-segment display for machine identification is integrated.
The integrated battery back, guarantees 2 hours of continuous use without having to recharge the mobile panel. The wireless panel supports OPC-UA communication and includes a USB interface as standard. Optionally, an RFID reader can be integrated to authorize access levels for example. 

Fully equipped, the HGW 1033 weighs 1,350 g including Safety elements and battery pack – it therefore fits light in hand compared to other handheld devices and thereby ensures low-fatigue operation.
Furthermore, three optional rotary encoders are now available for the HGW 1033. Thanks to the rotary encoders on the front, machines and systems can always be kept in view during set-up operation. Thus, comfortable and almost blind operation can be achieved.
On the grip unit located on the back, there are magnets that allow the HMI to be placed on the machine component without a mount – a practical added feature. 
Hannover Messe – Hall 9, Stand F82

While in setup mode, do not leave your machine unattended. Optional rotary encoders on the front of the HGW enable almost blind operation.
Corporate Data SIGMATEK is counted among the leading manufacturers of complete automation systems for machine and plant manufacturing worldwide. In the over 30-year history of the company, trend setting automation technologies were and are developed in close coordination with customer demands. With a product spectrum that meets all requirements from best asset cost to high-end applications, today practically any job requirement can be covered with serial products. In keeping with the company's philosophy, long-term availability is guaranteed. The scope of delivery extends from control and I/O systems, IPCs, HMIs, Motion Control and Safety to the all-in-one engineering tool LASAL with object oriented programming and the real-time Ethernet VARAN. New technologies are regularly tested for their applicability in the automation industry and implemented with the shortest "time-to-market" in innovative products. This guarantees a highly modern product spectrum from one source. In-house research, development and production ensure the Salzburg Company, with over 565 employees worldwide, a place at the forefront of automation technology. With locations in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, the USA, China and Korea as well as sales and service partners in the 
most significant international industry centers, SIGMATEK is always near the customer world wide


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