Yokogawa launches latest ScopeCorder, perfect for automotive and the renewable and energy sectors

Yokogawa Test & Measurement introduces its latest instrument to the ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders - the DL950. The instrument offers extending greater speed, channel count and data acquisition features and is touted as the perfect instrument for system development in the power and energy sector, transportation, industrial appliances and testing electric vehicles.

As companies develop more energy efficient technologies for transportation, home & industrial appliances as well as new renewable energy sources, the DL950 is designed to offer manufacturers a highly detailed view of an application’s electrical and mechanical behaviour.

One up from the DL850E instrument, the DL950 offers a large acquisition memory up to 8 Gpoints, and a 200MS/s sample rate at 14-bit, compared to the DL850E’s 100MS/s at 12-bit. It can also can run up to 32 isolated analogue channels with 10MS/s at 16-bit or up to 128 digital channels, which the company claims will provide a complete solution for developers in the high-precision mechatronics and electric power markets.

“With the DL950, the already excellent ScopeCorder family attains new levels of data acquisition speed and greatly improved usability”, says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s Vice President for Europe & South East Asia. “Offering the versatility to discover more from a large number of input types, the insight available from a high bit resolution and a high level usability from easy set-up, the DL950 gives developers the tools they need to gain detailed information on the behaviour of energy efficient and new renewable energy technologies and devices.”

The DL950's dual capture feature offers both data acquisition recorder functionality and the sample speed and trigger features of an oscilloscope, allowing developers to analyse the waveforms in great detail while observing multi-channel measurements over longer periods. The DL950 offers five options for acquiring data, allowing users to choose the best method for their application. They can opt for normal acquisition into the fast internal acquisition memory, recording to flash memory (coming soon), recording to the internal hard disk (SSD) or directly to the PC via normal Ethernet or opt for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


Data can be captured to a PC streaming over a very long time at up to 160 MB/s, with data volumes limited only by the PC’s storage size. Using 10 Gigabit Ethernet, data can be transferred from the DL950 to a PC at 50 times the speed of its predecessor. A fiber optic cord and the Yokogawa’s IS8000 PC software are used for transmission.

The 512GB internal SSD can record up to 50 days. Depending on the sample rate it can record for five hours on one channel at up to 2 MS/s, or record at 200 kS/s for 20 hours with 16 channels. Waveforms from dual capture can also be recorded, useful for in-vehicle endurance testing and capturing rare spontaneous events.

Up to five DL950s can also be synchronized to allow the use of up to 160 voltage channels. Alternatively, up to 640 temperature channels can be used, employing 16 channels with eight slots for each of five DL950 units. The subunits can be synchronized to start and stop their measurements via signals from the main unit.


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