Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Micro product support for medical technology innovators

Molex is offering a 10-year commitment to micro product availability and technical support reflecting lengthier design and product life cycles for medical devices and equipment … Reaffirming its commitment to medical technology innovators as they design equipment to improve health and save lives…

🕘 20/02/2012

Wireless technology helps meet environmental requirements

Smart Wireless technology from Emerson Process Management consisting of Rosemount wireless conductivity transmitters are helping prevent the discharge of chemicals into the local environment at a paper mill in Sweden … Korsnäs Gävle is using Emerson Process Management’s Smart…

🕘 26/01/2012

Larger capacity smart metrology system

OGP, the Derbyshire based supplier of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for smart metrology, has launched the CNC 670 multisensor smartscope system in the UK and Europe. The new machine is the biggest in the company’s range to date and its XYZ range means it’s capable of measuring…

🕘 18/01/2012

Chemical resistant pressure transmitters save time and costs

A chemical manufacturer is saving thousands of pounds and several days of production time after making the switch to ABB pressure transmitters … William Blythe is a manufacturer of inorganic chemicals, principally salts of copper, tin and iodine which are available as both solids and solutions.

🕘 18/01/2012

Liquid dispenser offers automated control and monitoring

Intended for accurate, repeatable dosing of small volumes of chemicals, colours or flavourings, the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser from The Deeter Group may be used to control any liquid being dispensed in a laboratory or manufacturing process. The unit is designed to deliver a measured volume of…

🕘 18/01/2012