Medical Equipment

Robust edge computing infrastructure and reliable mobile coverage are central to digitisation in the NHS

“IoT has the potential to transform the way hospitals communicate and operate for both patient interaction and behind the scenes logistics. Reliable ICT networks are integral to the process,” says Stuart Waine of Spry Fox networks … The NHS is at a defining moment thanks to Covid-19.

🕘 4 days ago

Sensors for medical care

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG combines thin-film and thick-film technology to manufacture physical, chemical and biological sensor elements. Their wide variety of sensors are important components for monitoring temperature, flow, humidity, conductivity, and biological metabolites. Medical…

🕘 21/04/2021

Manufacturers more open to innovation because of Covid-19, as Made Smarter Technology Accelerator announces industry partners

New research commissioned by Digital Catapult and the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator reveals that COVID-19 could prove to be a turning point when it comes to UK manufacturers implementing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things or 5G, with 77%…

🕘 06/01/2021

2021 predictions for UK entrepreneurs & SMEs

Mark Supperstone, Managing Partner at ReSolve, a restructuring and investment practice, on how he believes 2021 will pan out for the UK’s entrepreneurs and SMEs: • Further Government assistance for employers. Whilst the furlough scheme was previously slated to end in March, the Chancellor has…

🕘 05/01/2021

Sensirion and TTP Ventus collaborate on high-performance microfluidics driver

Sensirion, the leading manufacturer of flow and environmental sensors, is pleased to announce its collaboration with micropump manufacturer TTP Ventus Ltd on the design of a compact high-performance microfluidics driver. The system has been created to support laboratory prototyping and product…

🕘 19/10/2020

Government and industry jointly dedicate £300 million to boost UK manufacturing productivity

£300m of joint government and industry funding is allocated to businesses to boost the UK’s manufacturing capabilities, it is announced today (11 September 2020) by the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, at London Tech Week. These funds will go to those with creative ideas including using…

🕘 11/09/2020

Augmented reality for healthcare improvements

The market for XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) is predicted exceed $30bn by 2030, says Dr Charlotte Coles, IDTechEx Technology Analyst. Augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) - all part of the "Spatial reality" family - are being used more and more in…

🕘 01/09/2020

Precision machines enabling safety critical moulder to meet COVID-19 medical demands

To meet on-going demands from some of its most strategic commercial safety customers, Hi-Technology Group had already invested in five new 50 tonne Sumitomo (SHI) Demag precision IntElect machines during the last year. The company acknowledges that could not have been better timed. From the start…

🕘 17/07/2020

Rutronik shows innovative approaches with UV LEDs

From industry through to medicine and public infrastructure, the use of UV LEDs is offering new approaches in the fields of sterilisation, deep cleaning of air and water, agriculture and industrial manufacturing. For example, ultraviolet A-rays are suitable for use in vertical farming, while the…

🕘 16/07/2020

Dispensing: what do we mean by accuracy and repeatability?

A number of the products that we offer are described as being highly accurate, precise and/or repeatable. We believe that these criteria are important to a process where consistent, high quality output is required, and they have a big impact on productivity through reduction of material waste…

🕘 19/06/2020