Industry 4.0

Phoenix Contact and Venios develop IoT platform solution

With the systematic elimination of conventional power generation sources, distribution systems will face new challenges in the future: Volatility is on the rise as a result of renewable energies, and consumer requirements for security of supply are increasing. This, in turn, makes it more difficult…

🕘 29/04/2019

Rittal establishes smart factory

The new Rittal plant in Haiger embraces the principles of Industry 4.0. The company has made its largest single investment, totalling 250 million euros, to establish the world’s most advanced facility for its new compact and small enclosures. The highly automated manufacturing processes, in…

🕘 21/03/2019

The Internet of Things and Manufacturing: What are the Key Applications?

Across the UK and around the world, both technology experts and the media have focused a great deal of attention on the Internet of Things (IoT). Some marvel at its ability to make the lives of consumers easier. Others worry that an increasingly digitally automised world will no longer need as many…

🕘 05/03/2019

Extreme Networks helps ArcelorMittal improve IT performance across Europe

As the world’s leading steel manufacturing and mining company, ArcelorMittal is undergoing a number of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 efforts to continue its growth and support the wide range of industries – ranging from manufacturing to construction – that rely on its products.

🕘 22/01/2019

Two companies combine to improve IT performance across Europe

Secure, high-speed network supported by Smart OmniEdge AI-solution brings greater reliability and performance in Luxembourg, London and Brussels hubs … As the world’s leading steel manufacturing and mining company, ArcelorMittal is undergoing a number of digitalisation and Industry 4.0…

🕘 16/01/2019

RFID companies harness the growth opportunities generated by Manufacturing 4.0

Passive RFIDs has a competitive edge over active RFID but technological advancements are helping to close the gap, finds Frost & Sullivan … The growth of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud have given a huge boost to the adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in…

🕘 16/01/2019

Industry 4.0 will have the impact of the first Industrial Revolution, squared

If you're wondering how Industry 4.0 will impact your organisation and other manufacturers across the globe, you're not alone. This new operational shift is changing things faster than most people realise, and if some futurists and experts are right, Industry 4.0 will lead to a sort of brave new…

🕘 03/01/2019

Smart Factories and the future of manufacturing

As technology continues to advance across the world, manufacturers are adopting the smart factory concept. That’s the claim of many tech and industry experts who believe that optimising the manufacturing process to create an integrated and collaborative process will bring about the…

🕘 26/10/2018

A broad view of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on remanufacturing

The advancement and utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to make a similar impact in the 4th Industrial Revolution we are currently experiencing as Henry Ford’s assembly line did over 100 years ago. A convergence of machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and…

🕘 24/09/2018

How to realise value from IoT data in the manufacturing industry

While many manufacturers have made initial forays into IoT, there have been challenges in translating their efforts into real results. One of the biggest challenges is how to extract maximum value from the terabytes of IoT data being created. If this doesn’t happen, nothing else matters. The…

🕘 06/02/2018