ABB is acquiring ASTI Mobile Robotics Group to drive next generation of flexible automation with Autonomous Mobile Robots

ABB is poised to acquire ASTI Mobile Robotics Group (ASTI), a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The acquistion will expand ABB’s robotics and automation portfolio, making it the only company to offer a complete portfolio for the next generation of flexible automation.

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Advanced Manufacturing Industry Crane Experts Celebrate 75 Years

A key supplier to advanced manufacturing and technology firms, Street Crane Company, celebrate their 75th year of continual innovation in crane technology. Having made a solid reputation for reliable lifting in the traditional manufacturing sector, in the last few decades the company has focussed…

🕘 10/05/2021

Digital platform launches first service to compare prices on robots

Businesses worldwide can now for the first time easily get offers and compare prices on products and services related to industrial robots. The new service from will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to have a robot according to CEO, Søren Peters. Until today, there…

🕘 27/04/2021

The value of employees in automated industries

By Devin Partida, technical writer … The modern business landscape is becoming increasingly automated. More than 90% of global organizations already mechanize some tasks, and a growing number rely on extensive automation. As this trend continues, some workers worry they’ll lose their jobs to…

🕘 31/03/2021

Are attitudes to automation changing within UK manufacturing?

Automation has been the subject of a long running debate within the UK with a wide range of views, both positive and negative, expressed from manufacturers across multiple sectors. With the exception of automotive and it’s supply chain, over the years the uptake of robotics and automation in…

🕘 08/03/2021

Construction begins on world-leading, multi million-pound centre for robotics research

Construction has started on a world-leading research facility for robotics and artificial intelligence, which will be the largest and most advanced of its type in the UK. Based at Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh campus, the National Robotarium is supported by £21 million from the UK…

🕘 04/03/2021

ABB ups its cobots portfolio to three families with the launch of Gofa and Swifti

Today, ABB announced two more families in its portolfio of collaborative robots, complementing its 2015-launched Yumi. Now, ABB covers all three types of robot collaboration: Type 1: hand-in-hand, operation in close proximity of human operators with its cobot Gofa; Type 2 - intermittent working…

🕘 24/02/2021

No walking on egg shells thanks to CKF Systems

CKF utilises the latest in robot palletising technology to safely pack fresh eggs … Robot palletiser increases throughput and reduces costs … CKF designed, manufactured and installed a cutting-edge egg packing and palletising systems for one of the country’s largest egg suppliers at two of…

🕘 18/02/2021

New report reveals the UK warehousing industry is ready to adopt robotics

A recent report looking at the state of automation in UK warehousing published by OW Robotics, supplier of flexible automated warehouse solutions, has identified Retail and 3PL as the two sectors that could see strong potential gains from the robot revolution - in both the short and long-term. The…

🕘 08/02/2021

UK badly losing robot race

As the latest statistics from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) revealed, it's clear that the UK is losing the race to automate. The recently published IFR report, Robot Race: The World's Top 10 automated countries, showed that the UK is not only losing the race, but is barely taking…

🕘 01/02/2021